Summer Break Storage
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Am I signing up for a recurring payment plan?


Are there rules for packing?

Purchasing a package does not put customers on recurring payment plans.  Summer Break Storage uses a third party plug-in called MoonClerk to process delayed payments via Stripe.  This allows customers to register in advance at their convenience without being charged immediately at the time of registration.  A one time charge will be applied to all registered accounts on April 12. 2019.  Customers wishing to continue services for future academic years must register again the following year.


Yes.  Packing guidelines are as follows:

  1. Pack all your belongings in boxes, totes, suitcases or other suitable means of restraint/collection of loose belongings.  Loose items will not be accepted at the time of collection.  Boxes and other packing supplies are available at the Kenyon Bookstore.
  2. Do not pack perishable items, liquids of any type, aerosols, and flammable belongings.
  3. Do not pack items in plastic bags or garbage bags. 
  4. Do not use packing containers that are too large.  Make sure all of your packaged items fit through a door frame.  
  5. Packaged Items (boxes, totes, suitcases, etc.) shall not exceed a total weight greater than fifty pounds.
  6. Do not pack in boxes smaller than 12”H x 12” W x 12” D.
  7. Protect your belongings.  Use appropriate packing materials, towels, blankets, newspaper, clothes, etc. to pack fragile items.  Be sure your belongings are secure such that they cannot move around in the packing container. 
  8. Fill your packing containers full to the top.  Partially full containers are not permitted and are likely to result in damage to the packing container and the contents of said container.  Use packing materials as filler if necessary. 
  9. Make sure your clothing, bedding and other soft items are completely dry prior to packing.  Do not use plastic bags or other air tight containers to pack these items as they will trap moisture.  Don't worry about packing your mattress topper.  Summer Break Storage will package it for you at pickup.
  10. Electronics should be packaged in their original packaging as it is specifically designed and of the appropriate size to protect that device.  This includes televisions and computer screens.  Electronics that are missing their original box and are too big to fit in a box should be wrapped in other packing materials such as bubble wrap and plastic to prepare them for transport. 
  11. Valuable items (such as jewelry, coins, cash, and collectibles), items of intangible value and considered irreplaceable, extremely fragile items (such as glass, ceramic, etc.) should not be packaged for storage with Summer Break Storage.  .
  12. Properly secure and seal your boxes.  Use 2” to 3” wide pressure sensitive tape.  Do not use masking tape, duct tape, string, etc.  Use a minimum three strips of tape each to secure the top, bottom, and sides of the packing container.
  13. Framed posters, artwork, etc. shall be securely and safely packed in appropriate sized boxes.  Unframed posters, artwork, etc. shall be rolled and packed in document tubes.
  14. Large items (such as furniture, chairs, bikes, carpets/rugs, etc.) that cannot be packed in boxes, totes, suitcase, etc. should be wrapped in shipping products designed for the purpose of added protection. 
  15. All operable drawers and doors must be secured shut.
  16. Drawers and cabinets in furniture designed for storage must be completely empty.
  17. Soft surface items such as chairs and futon mattresses should be completely wrapped in plastic.
  18. Refrigerators/freezers shall be empty, defrosted, clean, and dry at the time of collection.  Glass shelves should be secured with tape.  The power cord shall be secured such that it is not dangling.  Please leave the doors to the refrigerator unsecured prior to collection for inspection.  We will secure the doors prior to Collection.  . 
  19. Bring your bike back to your dormitory so that it’s ready for your scheduled pickup time. 
  20. Label all of your items using a marker at a minimum of two locations.  Please include the following information:
  • Name (First and Last)
  • Returning Housing Assignment – Building & Room Number
  • We recommend keeping an inventory of the contents of your boxes to make it easier for us to find an item for you in the event that you packed something you needed.  This can be done on the outside of the box or you can keep a separate list and use a numbering scheme for your boxes.

When can I schedule my pickup time?


Do I need to be present to receive my belongings when they are delivered?


Are there limitations on the quantity  of belongings that I can store?

Customers will receive a link to schedule their pickup time after their returning housing assignments are assigned.  Pickup times are available Wednesday through Saturday of finals week.  Pickup times are booked in one hour intervals for customer convenience.  Customers will need to be present for pickup.


Customers do not need to be present at delivery time.  Summer Break Storage works with the College/University to schedule delivery times in advance of move-in dates for upper class students.  In most cases delivery times are three to four weeks in advance of the published move-in date to accomodate the majority of early arrival students.  


Quantity limitations do apply; however, they have been set such that they are adequate for the majority of Students.  The standard package is limited to a total of 20 items.  Items are classified in two different sizes:

  • Items up to 24"H x 24"W x 24" D such as boxes, totes, luggage, etc.
  • Large Items such as refrigerators, bicycles, chairs, couches, other large furniture, televisions, etc. There is a limit of five large items.

In the event that a Student has more than 20 items at the time of pickup, the additional items will be noted on the pickup form and a separate invoice will be sent for the additional items.  Additional fees will be $25/standard item and $50/large item plus applicable sales tax.

Each item stored is insured for up to $100 as a standard at the time of checkout.  Students have the option to purchase additional insurance at the time of pickup.  The student will be made aware of the fees for additional insurance on the pickup form.  Additional fees for insurance will be sent as a separate invoice.

Are my belongings insured?